Behind the Scenes

SAS Editorial

I get a lot of questions about how the newspaper works. Being editor, I feel I have insider knowledge I’m willing to share. Here’s a behind the scenes look.

A common question I’m asked is how do we make money. Subscriptions and newspaper sales definitely help and we always want new subscribers and re-subscribers. We also want our newspaper to sell out every week. However, the main source of income for our newspaper is advertising.

All media rely on advertising revenue, not just the South Arkansas Sun. Without advertising there is no media. Please support our advertisers.

Some weeks are different than others. I’m always trying to think of story ideas or see what’s going on in the community. I can’t know everything that is happening in the county, so I rely on residents to inform me of events or newsworthy stories. I’m always grateful. If you have something newsworthy, feel free to email or call the office. Our newspaper is a collaborative effort.



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