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Many ways to the same end, by preference is preferred. In other words, we all like different things, people, food, etc. And yet, we all end up the same. No matter what you search with be it Bing, Google, Yahoo, Ask, AOL or DuckDuckGo, whether you speak to Alexa or Google, the truth remains the same. Try it in all the engines and you will still end up with something alike. The best is the preferred and the preferred is, well that’s where it gets complicated. We have Apples and we have Windows that prevail, but both work well. Android and Linux are not to be dismissed, for they can do things on the same list.

Two eyes, two ears, a nose and a mouth pretty much describes most everyone on the planet. Legs, arms, fingers and toes are often attached to the similar head parts. We all eat, sleep and do some sort of work just to stay alive. We are all the same. But yet, we are drastically different. We are conservative and liberal. We are of all different colors. We have many different languages and dialects. We are rich and poor. The list goes on.


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