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actually what is being portrayed?

Let’s face it, no one can be perfectly accurate in all statements and explanations 100% of the time. In this fluid era of massive dissemination of news and information, we just can’t know it all.

All, yes all, of the news media has an agenda. If you are blind, deaf and dumb, you may not be aware of this. The lines of news and opinion are increasingly blurred. Biased is also reflected on the other side of the screen, the recipient. Yes, you are biased and only hear what appears to agree with your presuppositions. That is not necessarily a bad thing, just realize your biases when criticizing others.

When will it stop? When will the propaganda begin to be only for the good? When will only truth be revealed? When will the attempts to convince people a lie is the truth end? Well, I suspect not in our lifetime. Perhaps, the 22nd century will come up with a method of information delivery void of lies, deceit, bias and spins. But until then we must rely on our on common sense and reasonable believability.



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