Cancel Culture

“You don’t say something I agree with so you need to be canceled.” This isn’t a direct quote but it seems to be the message lately. It was bad before, but not it seems to be getting out of control. I’ve been seeing on Twitter of people threatening businesses and people who have different opinions to change their opinion or else get ruined.

There’s been calls for law enforcement television shows to be canceled. The show, Cops and Live PD, are already canceled. People even want to cancel the children’s television show Pawl Patrol of all things!

This week Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy wore an OANN network shirt in a picture on social media while he was on a fishing trip. One of the players got offended about the shirt and threatened to not do anything for OSU until it changed. I don’t know anything about the OANN network over than it’s a conservative news network.






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