Humor After Quarantine

With the country slowly opening up again, things will be different for the time being. It won’t last forever and I believe we’ll be back to normal again soon. During this time of quarantine, I’ve noticed a lot of funny jokes or memes going around on social media. I think it’s important to still have our sense of humor instead of being doom and gloom. Some recent changes in daily life can be humorous (but taken still seriously).

Before going in a store, I put my mask on in my car. I always feel like I’m about to rob a bank. Going inside it looks like everyone is about to rob a bank with their masks on. I try to avoid crowded aisles and usually go around. Each time I go down an aisle it’s like a game of chicken. Who’s going to get out of the way first? If you get too close, I’ll have to dive out of the way.

Online church services are new for a lot of churches around the area. It’s weird not having to pick out what to wear for Sunday. Nowadays our “Sunday best” is usually pajama pants. What will we wear when we’re able to go back to the building?






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