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Same Old, Same Old?

Is Donald Trump slipping? In his endless quest to give everyone a derogatory nickname, he’s now calling Joe Biden “Sleepy Joe.” It’s not clear why he’s calling him “Sleepy,” but it might be a typo. Perhaps, he meant “Sloppy Joe.” That would be spicier.

Then again, maybe that’s Trump’s subtle way of mocking Biden’s age. Or maybe not, since one thing we’ve learned about The Donald is that he’s not subtle. The problem for him is he’s nearly as old as Biden. Neither of them matches Bernie Sanders, who is so crotchety that he’s in a geriatric class by himself.

President Trump still insists that even though he’s a senior, he’s actually a freshman: “I just feel like a young man. I’m so young. I can’t believe it. I’m the youngest person. I am a young, vibrant man.”



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