Cancel Culture

“You don’t say something I agree with so you need to be canceled.” This isn’t a direct quote but it seems to be the message lately. It was bad before, but not it seems to be getting out of control. I’ve been seeing on Twitter of people threatening businesses and people who have different opinions to change their opinion or else get ruined.



The twentieth century in the United States was marked by incredible progress in science, transforming a nation of farmers spending their lives working with their animals and the strength in their hands into a technological powerhouse where electricity, computers, instantaneous communications, and hightech machinery are indispensable to every facet of life. These achievements were due to the work of men and women in numerous fields. It was also in the last century that women were able to make significant contributions to science in large numbers for the first time. One of those pioneers in scientific research and leadership was chemist Mary L. Good.

It Is What Makes America Great

This past week has demonstrated the greatness of America’s freedom. Protests against brutality the police brought down on an individual. Freedom to protest, to speak out freely against what one thinks is wrong is one of the fundamental rights of our American way of life. Alongside protests are reporters telling the story for the rest of the country, world to know and understand.


By Dr. Ken Bridges


The case surrounding the desegregation of Central High School in Little Rock still draws intense interest even 60 years after the demonstrations and legal cases have long since faded away. While the protests and surrounding the high school riveted the attention of the general public, the legal action behind the scenes was shaping the events. Days of hearings were held in numerous courts at the state and federal level. Some of the most important court decisions that ended the case were from a federal judge based in Fargo, North Dakota, Judge Ronald Norwood Davies.


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