As medicine advances, it relies increasingly on precision in order to accurately diagnose and treat disease. Clearly, this precision can save lives. Because of the work of one Arkansas inventor, Wallace Coulter, this process was made much more accurate and much faster by developing the automated process of counting cells in a blood sample.

Scientific Forest Management Works. We Just Have to Use It

As wildfires burn across the West, many Americans have lost their loved ones, their homes and all their possessions. My prayers are with everyone who has been displaced or who is heroically fighting the fires, and I hope these blazes are quickly contained. Unfortunately, fires like this have become so common that we refer to this time of year as “wildfire season.” I don’t think we just have to accept this as the new normal. In all my years as a forester, I’ve seen firsthand that scientific forest management works. These are commonsense policies that we need now to prevent devastating fires like these in the future.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Unlike a sole proprietor or a partnership, an LLC is a separate and distinct entity. This means that, as a company, it stands on its own. It has its own tax ID number and bank account. The LLC usually does not, and should not, mix the assets of the company and the owner. The LLC can be organized in two forms. Either the LLC is a pass-through entity, where the owners pay the tax on their personal returns, or like a Corporation where the LLC pays its own income taxes. The default configuration is as a pass-through entity.



The early twentieth century was a major turning point for medicine. New treatments and new vaccines were becoming available. New understandings of how disease spread and how the human body worked were being uncovered. And it was starting to become easier to spread this information to the general public how they could better take care of themselves and prevent illness. This time period also saw two of the greatest public health crises of the century: the millions of wounded of World War I and the Spanish Flu Epidemic. Dr. Rupert Blue, the Surgeon General at the time, would lead the effort to preserve the health of the public with these great tests.


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